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Dave Kemp , The Slade's Fan

- Who are you , where are you come from ...
I'm Dave Kemp. I was born in Paddington , London, in 1960.

- Your first souvenir about music ?
I joined the Monkees fan club in 1967. I have my Fan Club Membership Card still - I saw them in concert at Wembley in the UK and I was only 7 years old....So much screaming, I couldn't hear them sing!

- How did you come into music ?
Saw Slade on a tv show in the Uk called 2G's and the Pop People and became hooked (they sung Take Me Bak Ome)

- What kind of music did you listen when you were young ?
All the Glam Stuff - mainly Slade and Marc Bolan. But also, David Bowie, Roxy Music, New York Dolls, Gary Glitter, Wizzard etc...

- Any favorite band when you were young ?
It was always Slade - but Marc Bolan was also my idol.

- First record ?
My first record I bought was Apeman by The Kinks -loved the song but their image was a bit "dated" by then. I went "wild" when I eventually saw the glam rock bands - that was what I was waiting for!!

- First gig ?
The Monkees at Wembley Empire Pool in 1967 - supported by Lulu. I remember the Monkees brushed their hair on stage - and threw the hair brushes into the audience. The girls went wild!
- Best gig ?
Slade when they came back from 2 years in the USA.
They played the Rainbow Theatre in London and did 5 encores.
This was the best ever Slade gig.

- Did you ever play in a band ?
No - but I ran Slade's Fan Club for 3 years and helped them with merchandising.

- Did you were in a youth cult ?
Was sort of a young skinhead when I was 12 (wore Ben Sherman shirts, two tone trousers, tassled loafer shoes). Then became a sort of a punk in about 1977. Loved The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Generation X, Siouxsie etc.
- For how long ?
Both Skinhead and Punk - 2 years each.

- Your past hobbies ?
Collecting music papers and press from the 1970's. I have boxes of newspapers and press in my loft!

- Your best souvenirs ?
I have a Slade silver disc (for Everyday 1974), an award given to Don Powell of Slade for performing at the Monsters of Rock Festival in the uK (in 1981) and an autographed Marc Bolan album (The Slider - which I got Marc to autograph when I met him at Capital Radio in London in 1976)

- Does style was important for you ?
Yes. I think that Marc Bolan had great style. When you look at the old photos of him from the 1970's he still looks cool - all his clothes and style still look good in the year 2012. Also, I loved the punk style - that is still fashionable now as well in 2012.

- Does style still important for you ?
Yes. Band's have to have a good image - I think bands find it a lot more important now than when they did in the 70's.

- What kind of music do you listen now ?
I like most music. I still listen to Glam and Punk. But I listen to pop like McFly, Britney and Olly Murs (that my daughter likes) - and I will see bands such as U2. At the moment I am listening to a lot of reggae.

- Your 5 favorite records ?
Slade - Far Far Away
Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen
X Ray Spex - I'm A Cliche
Generation X - Ready Steady Go
T.Rex - Metal Guru

- Your favorite song (difficult !!! ) ?
Far Far Away - Slade....I listen to it at least once a week on my ipod - after almost 40 years!!

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