mercredi 28 mars 2012

John Coupé , The Vicious Rumours 's Bass player

- Who are you , where are you come from :
John Coupé...
Born in South London, England... Live in Belgium

- How did you come into music ?
Hard to say... I always had a love of music when I was growing up, my parents listened to a lot of music, and were always having parties of some sort either celebrating something or just a load of drunken mates at our house.
Maybe I got the bug like that? I know I used to listen to lots of the 'wilder' types of groups and tracks rather than safe boring music. I know that when I heard the Stranglers for the first time I decided I would play the Bass guitar.

- Your first souvenir about that ?
I bought short scale Bass guitar from Woolworths, really cheap and to be honest quite rubbish Had no idea how to play it... just sat in my bedroom and pretended to play along to Punk songs while listening to John Peels radio show or watching Top of the Pops or Old Grey Whistle Test on TV, Probably just like so many others from my generation.


- What kind of music did you listen when you were young ?
My first favourite bands were Alice Cooper and The Sweet. I had always liked the stuff Mum and Dad listened to, like the Who, Rolling Stones early soul and rock n roll, but the new Glam and Rock sounds excited me a lot moreas I grew up.

- Any favorite band when you were young ?
Sweet, Alice Cooper, T Rex, then Punk came along and it was The Stranglers and Generation X.For me Punk was a logical step from the Glam and Rock that I had grown with.

- First record ?
I think it was 'billy don't be a hero' by PAPER LACE? or maybe Ballroom Blitz by the Sweet.I didn't need to buy records myself when I was young 'cos my parents bought loads!! also I didn't have any money .

- First gig ?
Stranglers with the Cure.... Rainbow, finsbury park, 1979
- Best gig ?
Hard to say... there's been a couple that really stand out ; Ramones at hammersmith Palais in 1980, The Sweet at Woolwich tramshed aroung 1984 I think? Pink Floyd in Chantilly, France early 90's or when I had a backstage pass for a one off special show by AC/DC at hammersmith Odeon in 2003 I think?

- Did you ever play in a band ?
Vicious Rumours since 1981... I played in a rock band called Nerve Center for a while and now also play bass for french band the Misogynes.... ( Their old bassist is a friend of mine!! haha)
 - How did you come into ?
Mainly as I said from seeing the Stranglers on TV.... I knew that I wanted to play bass from then... I was determined to be in a group,especially a punk group.


- Were you part of a youth cult ?
Not really.... I will always consider myself a 'punk' simply because it was and is so important to ask questions, and not take shit from authority. Thought it's more an attitude than a 'cult'.
I quite like skinhead fashion... tho would say If I was labeled i would say probaby more a SKUNK than punk or skinhead!
I don't like dressing or doing the same as everyone else, I have no interest in being labelled.
 - For how long ?
I like so many others discovered Punk in my early teens... I will always remember the famous Bill Grundy interview with the Sex Pistols.
My cousin introduced me to the music... he started going to the gigs in London, in the mid 70's, seeing bands like the Damned etc,he was the first person I knew to own 'never mind the bollocks'.

- Your past hobbies ?
I used to make military models, I read a lot... especially history.
I am very much into the history of the second world war, probably the most important time of Britain and Europes history.

- Your best souvenirs ?
Every time I go on Stage.... there is something about the feeling of playing to an audience that can't be described... especially if the gig goes well.
The birth of my daughter was a very special memory obviously aswell.

- Was style important for you ?
Not really.... I am the first to admit I have very little fashion sense. There are some things I like for example ben sherman shirts... I like lot's of different styles, in clothes, art, furniture or architecture.
- Is style still important for you ?
No.... Though I don't want to dress my 'age'! ... no sensible shoes, boring trousers or stuff like that

- What kind of music do you listen now ?
The same as I've always listened too.... A bit of everything.
Obviously Punk and rock more than anything, but I am very open to music. Though I detest POP, and Gangster Rap.... Rap, when it started, was interesting, it had something to say in the same way as Punk. Nowdays it's just a bunch of idiots talking rubbish.

- Your 5 favorite records ?
I have So many.....
Teenage Kicks...the Undertones
Bad Man... Cockney Rejects ( I used to play this before I left my house every time I went out to a gig etc).
Maybe Tomorrow...The Chords
Down in the Sewer....The Stranglers
I'll never Cry....Alice Cooper

- Your favorite song (difficult !!! ) ?
No it's easy! Teenage Kicks... The Undertones. This record, like New Dawn Fades by Joy Division, was part of me as I grew up and for some reason just seemed to sum up everything for me. Simple, but so much meaning behind it. Absolutely timeless .



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